For students: Help with bullying & cyberbullying

Real-time help for victims

Help chat line from STOMP Out Bullying - a free and confidential first-responder service specifically for people aged 13-24 who are being victimized by bullying and cyberbullying. The chat line is open every evening (hours here). At other times, young people can reach the service via the form on this page from 10 am to 6 pm U.S. Eastern Time. Parents or caregivers seeking help can email the service from that page or call 877.602.8559 toll-free. STOMP Out Bullying asks that anyone who's in crisis when the chat line's not available call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800.273.8255) or the LGBT National Youth Talkline (800.246.7743). 

Support in the cloud

#iCANHELP - the student part of, where students can ask for, receive and provide help for themselves and peers by using the hashtag in the social media service where the problem's happening. They can just add the hashtag to a post or tweet in response to abusive comments or images. People of all ages can take action in solidarity, creating pile-ons of kindness and civil counterspeech. [#iCANHELP also provides on-site Digital Leadership training to educators and students.] See this in iCanHelpline founder Anne Collier's blog about #iCANHELP and this about using counter speech as an online safety "tool."

Help from people who've been there

How a bystander can help - smart tips from the experts at Hollaback and for someone who wants to help a person being targeted with bullying or harassment online - videos with support and advice from people of all ages and perspectives who've dealt with bullying as targets or bystanders, even people who have bullied others in the past. You can search by problem or solution.

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