Risk vs. harm

An article by psychology professor Sonia Livingstone, who headed the multi-year EU Kids Online research in 25 countries, about how risk and harm are not the same; how Internet risk is not like the risk of crossing a street (risk of harm) but rather "the risk of the risk"; and about "the interdependencies among opportunity, risk-taking, resilience and vulnerability" (more on this in a blog post here). In 2014, Dr. Finkelhor at the University New Hampshire argued in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry that – for greater youth safety online – more consideration should be given to "generic education about life skills, social interaction, emotional intelligence, and media literacy" than to "specialized Internet safety training." In 2015, researchers at the CCRC looked at the role of technology in online-only, offline-only and "mixed" (online and offline) incidents of peer harassment and concluded that students experiencing "mixed" incidents of peer harassment "should be a priority for educators trying to identify the most serious and harmful experiences."

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