What is this service?

It's a hotline for school personnel dealing with school-related issues in social media – harassment, cyberbullying and nude and other inappropriate content. We help you navigate apps and services, report abuse and get content taken down that violates the services' Terms of Service.

iCanHelpline was piloted in California, Georgia and Washington State with an independent evaluator during the 2015-'16 school year as the first step in developing a national helpline for schools.

The helpline sees itself one important piece – the social media part – of intelligent school incident response. It's also part of a whole help ecosystem, including the resources in this section of the site. Here you'll find the best national-level specialized and emergency help in specific categories of need. You'll also find carefully vetted, research-based resources for turning schools into what the Aspen Task Force for Learning & the Internet calls "trusted environments" for 21st-century learning – for fostering positive school climates, the true source of school community safety online and offline. And you'll find links to research milestones in the Internet safety journey, some of them annotated and linked to from helpline founder Anne Collier's blog.

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